Myeongdong Gyoja


[ridiculously delicious dumplings/kimchi/ tangy buckwheat noodle dumpling soup… With a side order of rice]



[crispy fried curry balls, tender fish with a special teriyaki sauce rested on top of a layer of caramelized onions– all washed down with Max beers]

The Flying Pan

[french toast with grilled banana halves, butter scoops, whipped cream and maple syrup]

Wine & Pantry

[spaghetti with a delicately sweet carbonara sauce and bacon]


Dilly Dally

Death by [incredibly rich cheesecake topped with cream puffs and a not so mini ‘mini’ vanilla cupcake with thick buttery frosting]

Le Brunchic

[grilled banana brioche french toast w/berry compote, walnuts, & fresh fruit]

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